Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Chocolate Moose

More fun with cupcakes! I've been continuing to play with my fun cupcake books and have had the pleasure of fooling people with.....Chocolate Moose!

Jon had a pot-luck day at work, so he told one of his co-workers to mark him down for chocolate moose. Since it sounds the same as mousse, that's what he wrote down.  And so Jon had the fun of bringing in a dozen chocolate moose cupcakes into work that day. They were, obviously, a big hit. Adorable and delicious. The snout of the moose is a Twinkie. That's the only secret you'll get out of me. The rest you can get out of the book, What's New, Cupcake.
Moose packed in, ready to go on their final journey....

Friday, July 1, 2011

Baby Quilt

Finally as promised......Stephanie's baby quilt!! With pics!!

Stats on this quilt:
begun: September 2010
baby shower for Steph: October 10, 2010
baby born: January 1, 2011
quilt completed: March 2011
quilt delivered: the next day!!

Eesh! The long and short of it is, I was in no way prepared to start machine quilting on a baby quilt, even it it was only 54"x54". And that discouraged me most of all. Every time I pulled it out to try again, it just aggravated me to no end until I was ready to pull out the rotary cutter and slice it up for scraps! And, well, that wasn't really an option, now was it? So I hired it out. Found someone locally who was comfortable finishing what I had started, no matter how badly it looked, and she had it completed in less than 3 weeks. Phew! What a relief.

Without any further ado....

 Bright, bold, NOT baby-ish prints, surrounded by a border of monkeys.  Looking like the cutest of candy wrappers.

Look at how little she looks on the big blanket....oh, wait, she IS little!

I think she likes it. What do you think?