Completed Projects

Started: 2002?
Completed: September 2011

This is the very first quilt I pieced and began hand-quilting. The teapots are appliqued with fusible interfacing, and blanket-stitched for detail. When complete, I have 13 brass buttons to sew on the lid of the pots as the knob for lifting the lid.

Abandoned: about a year later. Hand-quilting is time-consuming! Plus, I couldn't figure out how I wanted to quilt the nine-patches, and I'm still not sure if I like what I started.


Started: July 2011
Completed: December 16, 2011

You can follow the link to the post about this quilt, but here is the final project. 36 t-shirt images from 32 t-shirts. The game controller in the middle was found at Goodwill to fill the spot, and the Snoopy shirt was one of mine that I added because he loves Snoopy.

 He loves his new quilt. (Playing a Batman video game while wrapped in his quilt, looking rather a bit like a bat!)

Started: August 2010
Completed: February 2011

Made this adorable quilt for my friend's new baby. She fell in love with all the monkey designs while shopping for baby things, even before she knew the baby's gender. So when I found the monkeys from P&B Textiles Safari So Good line, I fell in love as well. She didn't want a "baby" quilt, so I chose bolder colors and designs.

It wasn't quite finished for her baby shower in October, but she did get to see it.

Here it is quilted and complete, and below, with an adorably happy baby on it!

Started: November 2011
Completed: January 2012

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