Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Additions and Changes

Did I mention that my dh and I are moving in the next month? To a bigger house (okay, any house is bigger when you've been living in an apartment!), with a craft room for me, and a game room/"man-cave" for him. And a front yard for the dog, with less worry about cleaning up the poo on a regular basis - lawn mowers and rain take care of that! So the pile of boxes you see before you is my recent work over the last few days. That's around 30 boxes so far, and it's mostly games, dvds, cds, and books. I always have this trouble when it comes to packing: what can I pack today that I won't need until I'm in the new place? And can do without when I can't remember which box it's in? (ALL craft supplies and UFOs will be clearly labeled, if not in a clear plastic storage bin - I will not lose where those are, I promise!)

Anyway, I said that we went to visit my mom this weekend, and while there, I picked up a new sewing machine! Well, she's actually quite old, but new to me. I've used her before, but she really belonged to an aunt, who has decided she doesn't want her anymore! So I get her! I'm really excited about this, because there are a few sewing techniques I've seen recently I wanted to try, but my drop-in bobbins don't work with the process, so now I can try them! (More UFOs?)

But now I have a problem. I've never named my current sewing machine.I never really needed to, and actually never really thought about it. I named my car (Fred), and dh's car (the Count), but not the machine. And now that I have two, they need names. Or else how will you know which machine I'm using when I talk about a project? So I need some ideas people! Neither one of these girls does anything fancy, like embroidery, but for the Kenmore, I have attachments that should allow me to monogram correctly. But I also have to change out pattern cams if I want decorative stitches, and that's always a gamble. The Singer is also pretty basic, but more of a student model. And I can't figure out their individual personalities enough to "hear" their names, they're pretty silent in this respect. Maybe I'll figure it out as things slow down around here...or ya'll will have some good ideas!

And in terms of UFO finishing: for the challenge, those 3 shirts posted earlier were out of 5 that I worked on, and that's out of about 8-10 ideas, so I'm about halfway through those. My cross-stitch projects at the baby's house, I finished the crosses, and get to begin on back stitch for the small angel tomorrow! Add to that the moving project....I'll never finish!

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