Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Charleston Weekend

Oh my gosh! Has it seriously been two whole weeks since I posted last? Wow, the time flies. This is why I need to blog. It keeps me current, and accountable for the projects I've been working on. When I'm not writing about what I'nm working on, I tend to begin multiple projects that don't quite get finished. Boo.
See? This was all started two weekends ago. But I'm only halfway finished with these baby blankets, bibs, and maternity jeans for a friend.  The fabric in the middle, the green with vines and browns, that was for a skirt, which I did finish, but not in time to get a pic posted to the flickr account to enter it into the contest I was going to try to enter.  And, now, I'm not sure where the pic of the skirt went.  I may have to retake the pic so I can show you how cute it turned out. Lightweight, breezy, perfect for a wedding on the beaches of Charleston, South Carolina.

The ceremony was at 7pm, and the temperature was perfect by then. Heat index was registering over 100 degrees all week, but that time of day, it felt like less than 90.  Beautiful.  A very simple ceremony, the random beach-goers applauded as the bride processed down the aisle with her dad and 4 year old son, and of course, I left the beach with raccoon eyes.  It was so sweet, and all I could think about was standing in a similar ceremony less than 10 months ago, making the same vows.  PS, someone needs to make wedding proof mascara.  I have yet to find any.
Look how sweet we are.

So, now I return to making toys for the kids to play with.  But, since I don't get the 3 year old as much now that it's summer, I'm only going to make a few,but I'm going to make a set for a friend's little girl who turns 2 next week.  I will post pics once I have wrapped and delievered the gift, though, so as to preserve the surprise. 

Happy crafting!

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