Monday, July 26, 2010


Oops.  Didn't realize it had been so long since I posted!! I have been steadily working on many projects, and have hundreds of pics in my camera, but the camera is at the baby's house ( I guess technically he's a toddler now that he turned 1), and obviously, it's late.  I did make a goodly stash of felt food and delivered it to the 2-year old; she loved it! I am making more, since I got a tummy-flu the night before and didn't get to do the last minute crash sewing I had planned. I made 3 sets of baby gifts (blankets and burpcloths) for new moms.  I hemmed a maxi dress I won't be wearing this summer but am loaning to my pregnant best friend, who is unfortuately the same height I am.  And I finished my quilting design wall!

Hand quilting has sadly been pushed aside.  Not sure why, think it's just that I have too much on my plate.  Began working on the crochet afghan, but it's NOT fun.  I have to switch colors every two (2) rows, so I'm actually trying to come up with a better way to finish it.  It will get finished this year, I AM going to give it away as a Christmas gift, I just need more motivation, and I think it stems from the boring aspect of the basic design!  Finally got in all the I-spy charm squares from the 4 (yes, I am in deep) swaps I participated in this summer.  Sorted them for the third time today, enough to make 2 alphabet books, and just saw a better way to sort out some of the others! argh!!  And I did get my 6 funky houses completed and sent off. Waiting to get my swapped blocks in. 

All of these things I promise to begin updating, maybe tomorrow if I can remember to bring the camera (or at least the memory card!) home.  I need to be able to tell the hubs that I DID finish some things this summer so he won't panic when I begin work on the bf's baby things.  aack!!1! Summer seems to have caught up to me!

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