Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Happy New Year/ Happy Groundhog Day!

Welcome to 2011! Okay, I know, I'm a month behind. I was actually sitting around thinking about closing down the blog because it was just becoming one more thing to do at the end of the day. But then I got a really sweet comment from a blog I follow and we exchanged emails for a few days. She helped me to see that 1)although I LOVE hearing from you all, the reason I write isn't for you, it's for me; 2) the blog DOES help me to focus a bit and reduce the crafty-craziness that I promised Jon I would work on for the new year. 

I have finished another box of felt food for my bestie in another city, participated in another I-spy swap, and made another stack of burpie cloths and taggies for yet another friend who is having a baby. I have no pictures for you however, because my camera was stolen. From my house, while we were home and being neighborly in the snow. I have made a police report and filed the loss with the insurance company, but I cannot afford to get a new camera until the insurance check comes in. And while Jon does have a camera, I HATE it. It is a true POS. It literally takes 45 seconds to recharge between shots, and it's a 2005 digital camera! I have taken pictures with it when desperately needed for family events, but it drives me nuts every time. 

My plans for the next post: I made cupcakes for the baby shower I went to Sunday afternoon, and a friend took pictures of the adorableness, but I need to get copies of them, which I should be able to do by the end of the week.  And if I can't get them by then, I will also be making cupcakes for the Super Bowl party. And even though it will just about kill me, I will use the crap camera.

Remember to craft for yourself, not for others. And get up and craft!!

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  1. Can't wait to see the cupcakes! Have you thought about getting a counter of some sort...or you the blogger stats tab some sort of counter in it. Sometimes it's encourage (or depressing) to see how many people click through to your blog without leaving comments. I get WAY more people who see my blog, but don't say anything.