Sunday, March 21, 2010

Blog Inspiration

A little background into this story. I work at a junior's retail store about once a week. I am not a junior, nor am I truly junior sized. I am working on this, and have lost 4 pounds (this will NOT be a UFO!), but still, most of these clothes are not designed to fit on more average sized women. So I have been reading other blogs, and have re-styled some of my clothes to fit me, and they are super cute. And many of the girls there therefore know I am a "craft"-y person.

So, I get to work yesterday, and H says, "I have a shirt that I want you to change for me." Okay. She is currently fighting with said boyfriend, and actually would not normally wear a shirt that so blatantly declared "I have a boyfriend!". She suggests I simply draw an "X" across the heart with a Sharpie marker. Cute idea, huh? Well, without the Sharpie part, at least. "I can do that," I reply. "But rather than Sharpie, I was just reading a blog that had a tutorial on making your own screen printing, which would make it look more like the shirt came that way!"

I got my garage sale sign, and other assorted supplies from my local craft store, and began work creating the "X". Since the writing on the shirt looks painted, I decided to go with a graffiti look, and after searching the web for graffiti, and how to make it look right, I opened Paint on the computer and created this:

A few steps later, (see directions on earlier link, it's really actually easy!), and I was ready to test. Looked around the apartment for scrap fabric I wouldn't mind having a giant "X" on (who has fabric like that? not I!) and settled on my reusable grocery bag. Perfect! Looks great! On to the real thing. Wipe off the excess paint, line the "X" up over the heart, and screen-print! TA-DA!

H is happy, and now L wants me to do this to the same shirt for her, but this time, slash out the "boyfriend", and write in "hubby." What have I gotten myself into?!

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