Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Meet Pepe...

...the reason for today's UFO. If you know me, you know that I collect Eeyores. At last count, I had around 47. Could be worse, I know, but two of them are Large, and two are medium-large. Then every size in between. About Pepe...he loves to chew on "stuffies". To be more accurate, he loves to rip them open, and pull their stuffing guts out. Several months back, he decided to play this game with MY "stuffies", the Eeyores.

Poor little guys...they never did anything but look cute and be cuddly. So, off I went to the craft store, intent on purchasing some Eeyore colored "fur" to fix him up. The foot rip, I was sure I could stitch together easily without a patch. Except, nobody has that shade of gray "fur". The only fur I could find was brown, and eew, not a chance. So I started looking at other options: suede, leather, fleece. Nothing in that shade, nothing even close. But then I spied this.

Okay, I know it's crazy. But it's going to look very odd to begin with, especially if I can't match the fur. No matter what I choose, the patch will be very obvious. In that case, what better patch than a funny patch? One that's almost a spoof, or looks like a tattoo on the little donkey!

Two hours later (all while watching "New Moon" of course!), they have been healed. The pink Eeyore ended up needing a patch, and his will most definitely result in a permanently puckered scar. Something about the curve of that paw. I needed more patch in one area, but when I tried to match it up on the other side, it was too much. But the big guy... wow, his looks more like a tattoo, just like I hoped. And i cut the fabric very carefully, and chose a portion with Eeyore hugging Pooh Bear, so it's like a BFF thing! I did end up having to make the patch bigger than the hole, however, in order to not cut heads off. So, it's not as though they will not go through life without any scars of their encounter with the cocker-spaniel crossed with chain-saw. But at least they are trying to be fashionable about it!

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